Saturday, August 13, 2011

We're moving!

     Hello all! As I expand this endeavor, it seems that a change of venue is warranted. It seems that my vision for this has expanded, and I've outgrown Blogger's format. The new website is in its raw version as of now, but that will change shortly. The plan right now is to begin importing older posts from here into the archives on the new site.

     This doesn't mean this blog will now be abandoned! Things on this side of the internet-verse will begin transitioning slowly, and you'll have plenty of time to make the move, too. I'll be posting the new web address shortly.

     In other news, my birthday is fast approaching on the 18th. To celebrate, I'll be announcing a giveaway beginning Monday! Stay tuned for all these new and exciting changes coming for us in the blogosphere!


  1. Ooohhh...I'm excited for you! I wonder where you're moving to? Looking forward to the new site!

  2. Very exciting, wish you all the best:):)

  3. just B you- I'll be announcing it sometime this week... as soon as the basic structure and organization is finished!

    Kala- Thank you very much! :)


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