So, you want to know more about me?

     Sweet! I'm a Leo, and you know how Leos love to talk about themselves  ;p  Kidding. Sort of.

     My name is Tiffany Barry (formerly and legally Rainey until my marriage name change takes affect), and I live in the Atlanta suburbs of sweet, southern Georgia. I was born and raised here, and I will most likely stay. Except for the morbidly hot summers, the years when we decide to skip Spring all together, the lack of rain, and winters that ice over rather than give us any snow to play in, Georgia isn't all that bad. My favorite season here is Autumn, but it rarely lasts long enough.

     I began dabbling in bath and body products in high school. My grandmother thought my cousin and I would love making little soaps one summer. Unfortunately, these were hobby store melt-and-pours, and you really didn't do much. We still had a blast minus the burns, but I felt like there should be more to it. I began candling soon after and dabbled some more in bath and body products.

     It wasn't until this year (2011) that I started thinking seriously about bath and body products. I love creating them, and I continue to do so. However, what I loved most was simply running the shop and giving others the chance to enjoy this as much as I do. I decided to switch my main focus online to supplies. I still craft and perfect my signature line of products, but I'm gearing that more towards craft shows and such.

     In my spare time, I run fairly successful freelance writing shops on Etsy and Artfire writing for shop owners and websites. I have a few regular clients who I work with from my own website at WillWrite4Food.com, and I am a freelance writer and eHow contributor. I'm also working on a side project, The Fickle Mistress, an alternative online magazine.

     Personally, I'm a proud mom to a beautiful three year old who I absolutely adore! We enjoy reading books together while we try out mommy's newest pedicure product, and we are secretly master painters. Seriously, we could give DaVinci a run for his money. My husband is so wonderful to put up with my craziness, and he seldom complains to his credit. He is so supportive of everything I do, and I wouldn't be here at all without him.

Visit my Etsy shop at BeyondMagical.etsy.com!