Friday, August 19, 2011

New Diggs

     Recently, I announced that we'd be moving to a new website with broader content and a new vision. Well, as I've been moving articles from our archives here over to the website, I've been working on the new website's layout and organization. I am very excited to finally be able to announce the new web address for this project!

     You'll still get the same informative and entertaining content right at your fingertips, as well as tips, tricks, and product information, but you'll have it delivered right to your inbox! Just enter your email address in the subscribe box and keep up to date with spa indulgences even better than before!

     And don't worry, this blog isn't going anywhere right this second! I'll still be here with reminder posts for a little while linked to what's new on the new website, giving you plenty of time to make the transition yourself.

Leave your thoughts, comments, suggestions, and questions here. Do you think this move is a good step forward for us?

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  1. I just subscribed to your new blog! It seems like everyone is moving to Wordpress these days and from what I know about it, it's probably a good direction for any business. Good luck!


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