Monday, July 18, 2011

Look Within

     I was browsing through my blogger dashboard this evening reading random updates from the blogs I enjoy following, and you better believe every one of those blogs is one I personally enjoy reading. I came across a post by Jodi from Soul Speak -- see the post here Soul Speak: Looking Within -- that really got me thinking.

     We spend so much time, energy, and even money trying to find the answer to aging, the secret to beauty, that we seldom take the time to tune in to ourselves. How are you doing internally? In your soul? I'm not speaking necessarily to your religious soul but more to your internal self, the one private and sacred.

     This weekend, my sister and I went to a great Hibachi grill near my house for lunch. We were seated next to two women who were significantly overweight. My first reaction was pity. I pitied them their self-destructive behaviors or conditions that made their life so inhibited. As one woman stood and walked to the bathroom, I couldn't help but be saddened. Her frame wobbled. Her knees never bent.

     The longer we sat next to these two women, the less pity I felt, however, for it soon became apparent that these women were as awkward and ugly on the inside as they were on the outside. Now, I'm no psychologist, and I'm not going to pretend to understand the why of any of it, but it made me realize that ugly women can be ugly on the inside just as pretty women can. Logically, I know this, but I had never really given it much thought.

     I suppose what the experience and Jodi's post on Soul Speak made me realize was that being concerned with your physical beauty and your physical health is completely alright, but we should also think about the state of our internal self. How do you see yourself? Are you acting in a manner consistent with your personal philosophies? Are you being the kind of person you want to be and do your actions reflect that?

     Check out the post on Soul Speak here -- Soul Speak: Looking Within -- and post your thoughts!


  1. Thanks for sharing the link to Soul Speak: Looking Within. What an important message.

    I believe all beauty starts within, regardless of what you look like. Great post.

    Everyday Inspired

  2. Thanks for adding your thoughts to this post. I'm definitely in agreement with you. Beauty is not some predefined notion set by society. It is definitely much deeper than that.


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