Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Endeavors

     My husband is constantly telling me I have way too many hobbies. I was in a creative mood recently, and I found some old sketches I'd done during one of my college Lit. classes. I decided to play around with them on the computer and ended up putting together a second Etsy shop. I just decided to dive in, I suppose!

     SO, I'm slowly but surely putting together listings. I'm focusing on inspirational artwork, as I really have a love for quotes and words. If you'd like to check out more of my art as it is listed, check out The Inspirational Art of Elizabeth Barry on Etsy. 

What is your newest endeavor?


  1. I love the idea of inspirational sayings and art. Your artwork is great! I look forward to seeing new items as you add them.

    My newest endeavor is to find new markets to promote my etsy shop. Researching new markets is a job, and I hope it pays off.

    Everyday Inspired

  2. Lovely idea!! Your ghoulies are adorable. ^.^

    My current art goal is to draw another birthstone dragon.

  3. Additionsstyle- Thanks! Good luck with promoting your Etsy shop!

    Aquariann- Thank you! I love my little Ghoulies. I have tons of little sketches, mostly from college class boredom, so I'll be cleaning some up and redrawing others. I can't wait to see another birthstone dragon! I have Peridot, and I was hoping you'd start doing more so I can get my family's all on prints. I love them so! :)


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