Get Your Product Reviewed


My blog is a bath, body, and beauty blog, so I review products that fit into that category. Periodically, I will also review natural jewelry, clothing, or accessories that I think my followers might also enjoy. For the most part, however, I stick to bath, body, and beauty products. Further, the reviews are based on an honest opinion of the product, shipping, customer service, packaging, etc. I expect for the product to be packaged and shipped exactly as it would be to a customer. Submitting your product for review does not necessarily mean you will get a favorable review, either. I will analyze the pros and cons of the product thoroughly and post accordingly. Please understand that a positive or negative review is not a reflection of you as a person or your capability as a successful crafter or business person.


I am not compensated monetarily at all for my product reviews at this time. If in the future, that evolves, the reviews will still be completely honest and valid. I often select items to feature based on my own preferences as a blog writer, and these I will pay for. I do not expect to solicit online sellers for free products to review. In these cases, I only buy samples and will rarely pay more than a few dollars unless absolutely necessary. It just isn't cost effective for me to do this any other way. As I said, I receive no compensation for my reviews.

If a business owner wishes me to review their product and believes said product would be beneficial to my readers, I will happily do a review. In this case, however, I am not responsible for the cost of the item or shipping. I do not ship items back to you after the review. If you would like to send along a few (meaning no more than 3) business cards, I would be happy to pass them out to anyone who may seem interested.


As long as you have read and agree with the above information, all you have to do now is shoot me an email with your name, your company's website, the product you wish reviewed, and any information you feel would help your review. All products must be approved before I will review them. 

Please send this information with "Review" in the subject line to beyondmagicalbytiffany [at!]